Shipping boxes dimension

Hi everyone,
I’m about to checkout my X-Carve, but my shipping agent is requesting me the dimension of the boxes send in by Inventables, Rail Kit, Waste Board Kit, Components and Other Items,
can anyone in the forums help me with this information?


You can give Inventables a call and they should be able to get this information to you.

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Thanks Rusty,
I found it when I was requesting for support in the website.
Since this information does not appear in the forum, I’m going to post it here,

The 500mm Basic X-Carve kit ships in one box:
20x20x6, ~34 lbs

The 1000mm Fully Loaded X-Carve ship in 3 boxes:
Rail Kit: 6x6x48, ~15 lbs
Wasteboard: 40x5x45, ~38 lbs
Core Kit: 20x20x6, ~34 lbs

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Hi Erick!
Here you can find more information about shipping boxes: Chestnut Hill Movers recommended Large: 18” x 13” x 3” boxes.