Shipping delay

So here I am debating between the x carve and shapoko 4. They are both about the same price if you include shipping. I was ready to by the shapoko because it would ship sooner. when I noticed that the estimated shipping would be the 11th of November for the x carve. The shapoko was 3-5 days which would have mad it ship any where between Wednesday and today (Friday). Long story short. Because the x carve out the estimated ship date on Thursday I bought it. When I did not receive an email that it shipped I called this morning to find out if it had. What they told me is that it had not and probably would not until Monday the 15th. I could however pay for expedited shipping and maybe it will go out today. That’s right pay extra to have it shipped less than 4 days late! So here is my question, if you check the website right now they say the estimated shipping date is Monday the 15th. Knowing that they still haven’t shipped orders that were do out on the 11th is inventables deliberately deceiving it customers? I know for me I am really thinking hard about just canceling my order.

I am not trying to take a side here or insinuate that what has occurred is OK, but…one does have to remember that it is “Shipping & Handling” that you pay for. When you pay for “expedited S & H” on an order, typically companies will either move the handling of that order to the front of the normal queue or have a separate queue that is handled faster than the normal queue.

Just something to think about…

Hopefully, it will ship soon for you, and you can begin your journey with the machine. Just try to stay positive and read up on everything here on the forum. There are tons of helpful posts and project ideas to be had.


Brandon Parker

Based on the terms you’ve agreed to at the time of sale, the cancelation would need to be approved by inventables. Also based on those terms they are not bound to any shipping date whatsoever.

That said, I see that onefinity is missing from the list of cncs your looking at, they experienced a 3 month lead time turn into a 7 month lead time earlier this year :man_shrugging: so a few days delayed shouldn’t be a huge concern. I purchased a cnc from a different supplier, with a 1 week international shipping, it arrived 3 weeks later.

Have you forgotten that we are in a shipping crisis in this country. From truckers to ships. Everything is taking longer. That’s not the companies fault. Think about it. They would love for you to have your machine just as much as you want your machine.

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