Shipping Estimate?

Does anyone have any info on shipping? I ordered mine on thursday. I saw somewhere it said it will ship in 15 days. I read here on the forum about long shipping delays but also seeing people posting that materials ship the day it’s purchased. I’ve searched the forum for the most recent shipping info but haven’t found anything. This is more of an i’m excited to get it type post instead of a complainer post. Just looking for any info from people who have recently purchased.

Not trying to be snarky or curt, just honest… Patience is a virtue. :slight_smile:

I ordered my kit back in spring, and it was about six weeks before I had all the parts in hand. If you do some searching, I think you’ll find that’s about average. Well worth the wait!

I appreciate your response but if you read my post I said I have read everything I could find on the forum and am seeing conflicting time frames-- hence my post. Just hoping to hear from someone who has recent (past 60 days) experience.

Order in during the week before thanksgiving, was told there was several days lead time before shipping. May have already shipped but if it did there’s no tracking. Not particularly worried about it what with the holiday and this being one of the slowest times of the year for shipping.

Yeah I assumed it would take a little longer with the holiday but the different time frames i’ve been seeing are pretty drastic-- ranging from ships immediately to ships in 8+ weeks

Thanks for your input though. Appreciate your response.

I purchased mine on Oct 17th 2018 2 boxes shipped that date and the rest shipped on Nov 1st and they were delivered Nov 3rd

I received emails each day something shipped with tracking info

Awesome-- so it was about 2-3 weeks for you. This is what I was looking for, just a recent example of time frame. Thanks