Shipping from Inventables is crazy expensive

So I live in Canada but I live 10 min away from the US border so am able to ship stuff down there and pick it up. I figured that shipping within the US from Inventables would be cheaper, which it is. I’m not buying an X-carve (already have one, had it shipped to Canada which cost a lot). Just needed to order a new Delrin nut and limit switch. Total cost for items $10.25, cost of shipping for those 2 small items(within the US) $12.20. Am I crazy for thinking this is high? shipping to Canada would have been 25 bucks. I also love their straight flute bits and would buy them from them but the shipping (in my opinion) is killer.

I certainly dont understand the shipping calculations either.

I recently needed a sealed ball bearing for my bandsaw guides. Checked out the mfgr’s website, 9.90 for the bearing. All good no biggie until i got to the shipping cost, 17.85 withing the U.S. !

they seemed to thing the little bearing which weighed about 1. 3 ounces or something like that had to be shipped via UPS.

Drop that little bugger in a padded envelope and hit the post office .

I was able to get one at my local ACE hardware for about 11.00 and I had it the same day.

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@BobNevalainen oh, I understand you…

Due to faulty Arduino and great help from the helpdesk from Inventables, I haved a redeem on their store.
For 60$ of “little things”, 45$ shipping cost.

The shipping is insane I had to replace a Vwheel and it ran me way more than it was worth. I tend to find their suppliers or close to them and get direct from China take longer but unless it is down I can wait for a part to save the crazy mark up and shipping sorry inventables I understand it is a business and you have to make something some how.

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Yeah it’s always been really high, wouldn’t be so bad but there materials and bits are already marked up so high. Personally I think they loose a lot of sales (after the newbie wears off and you learn of other much cheaper suppliers) due to their shipping costs, they’d be better off using USPS flat rate boxes. It’s to bad, they have great service, but there markups and shipping costs are insane.


Every time I make a basket I quit because shipping rates to France.
You certainly lose a lot of sales because of that.

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Maybe Inventables should start an “Inventables Prime” program. So you can pay $100 per year and get free shipping on every purchase. It works great for Amazon.

I know I would order a lot more materials from Inventables if I was getting free shipping.

Totally agree. Prime program would be great. I too would order more from Inventables if they had better shipping cost. Just ordered materials from Inventables using a gift card I got. Materials where $232. shipping $76. Ouch!

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I wanted to get the Dewalt spindle mount, plus some bolts and eccentric spacers, but just ading 6 eccentric spacers to the order added $53 extra shipping (to Guatemala). An email to support has so far failed to come up with a better solution that pay the ridiculous shipping cost and get a refund when it ships. I think there must be a better way to order than through this dodgy shopping cart?

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I imagine so, but it’s a bit frustrating. I wonder how the poor guy from Barbados gets his stuff, it’s probably even worse to there.

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I agree! I just went to order a bit and shipping was going to be $10.67. I emailed them and they said they partner with FedEx and they set the rates. Seems like a bad partnership to me. That bit should cost less than $2.00 including packaging to ship. Just for fun I put a Qty. of 50 in the cart, the shipping cost was the same.

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I agree with the others on this post. I only order from them when I absolutely have to, due to the shipping costs. It has probably been close to a year since I have ordered from inventables. The couple of times I have wanted to order something small, I have gotten to the shipping cost than gone elsewhere.

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I guess the following picture speaks for itself: