Shipping to canada

hello. I wonder if the x-carve is all made in USA. I would like to order one but I do not want to surprise with customs charges in canada. thx for the future reply.

sorry for my bad english

I had to pay $260 in custom charges to get the x carve shipped to Canada. In hindsight I should have not ordered the waste board and simply made my own but either way I’m very happy with the machine so far and the price still seems very reasonable for what I got.

I was expecting to pay duty to get mine here but I did not pay anything.

The Inventables Site tells you what the shipping charges will be, and without the waste board it’s reasonable considering what’s shipped. Just be aware, of course that you have to convert from US to CAD funds. I had no surprises. The Inventables Team is very good about shipping.

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My 1000mm kit is currently being shipped to Canada, 284.45 USD for shipping without the wasteboard. Got the x rail kit last week, was $40 CAD or so of tax from customs for that package, will see about the other two this week.
Shipping is faster than I was expecting so that’s nice!

Thx all for your fast anwser.

Sorry, I read the post too quickly, I paid shipping charges but don’t think there was any duty charges? If there were it wasn’t much.