Shipping to EU

Hi guys, I’m really impressed by the X-Carve.

I tried to order X-Carve but I get insanely high shipping cost around 460$, as a EU citizen I also need to add import tax and 23% VAT to this which make X-Carve cost around 2300$ instead of 1270$.

So here is the question

Could you provide a option to order X-Carve without wasteboard and aluminium rigs BUT with all necessary screws etc. This way package will be way smaller and we could buy extruded aluminium profiles somewhere in EU.

Someone who already own X-Carve can probably easily create a list of parts except wasteboard and rigs, but for someone who can only see pictures it’s next to impossible

I’m really hoping we can find solution together, cheers!

Hi KonradPodgorski
I live in UK I agree with you there is VAT and customs and ended up paying a lot. The pars list is available from the inventables web site. There is a dealer in London ( who can sell but cheaper than paying extra duty. If you want to import from states the shipping is expensive.You can always buy parts separately from inventables and they are not very expensive.
There are few options.
1 watch the assembly few times to have a good grip- the instructions and video are excellent in spite of this I made few mistakes but the kit contains exact number of screws and bolts so you can finish the job well.
2 There are few teething problems initially but will smooth out.
3 Waste board is very heavy and if you order with out then it would be cheaper. There are detailed diagrams on how to make one. This is open source and all detailed diagrams are available through web site.
4 Aluminium extrusions are vital and the x axis gantry runs smooth so I would order all the parts except waste board. check the prices.
5 finally if you live close by UK then make a trip across and buy in London I am not sure if it is available readily at present.
if you need any more info the forum is the best place.

I live in Denmark and ordered it from UK (Robosavvy).

Their wasteboard is not the original one and it has some flaws.

First thing you would be wanting to replace is the 300W spindle… it just dont have enough power for some serious work.

Price at Robosavvy + shipping + vat is almost identical as at Inventables + shipping + customs + vat so I guess I will support original creators

Also in case of warranty I hope it will be better with Inventables