Shipping Weight


I am looking for the shipping weight of the X-Carve with 500mm rails.

Basic kit + ACME lead screw kit + NEMA 23. I just need an estimate of how many lbs it is going to be because I use a shipping company to get the item to myself and need to work out the extra shipping required.

Thanks !!

And/Or, can you display the shipping weight on the shopping cart, as you obviously use it to calculate the shipping. Probably the easiest option as we can then see the exact amount, adding and removing the components.

Here are the weights:

Core components are 5 pounds
Acme 1 pound
500mm rails 6 pounds
NEMA 23 kit 6 pounds

Nice its real light for shipping, and the 1000cm rails ?

I assume the 500cm & 1000cm board is light aswell ?

is the 500cm board included in core weight ?

1000mm rail kit weighs 15.5 pounds

The 500mm board weighs 6 pounds and the 1000mm board weighs 32 pounds. These both ship in their own box.

The 500mm board is NOT included in the core weight it is a separate module.

Thanks, everything I needed!!

I want to know how much the fully loaded gear weigh in total in kg. I intend buying and shipping out to Accra, Ghana and want to calculate how much it’s gonna cost. Thanks.