Should I buy these bits

I have a gift card left ovrer from christmas and was going to get a few bits from Drillman 1 with it. I have these in my shopping cart so far

I have done a good bit of searching with the search function and got some advise already in regards to 1/16 bits and getting tapered one. But I cant find any on Drillman1 page,I want to be able to cut through 6/12 and 18mm mdf with them so I opted for long reach 1/16th’s
My question is , would you go for different bits than the ones I have in my cart in the photo above?
The list of bits I have so far are
2 x 1/8 fishtail down cut
2 x 1/8 straigh cut
2 x 1/8 fishtail up cut
10 x ball nose up cut
9 x 2mm ball nose up cut
1 x 3.2 mm stubby straight cut
1 x 6.1mm straight cut
1 x 10.35mm straight cut
1 x 90° v bit
1 x 60° v bit 6mm shank(no collet)
10 x 20° v bit

Would the bits in my cart be a good addition to these or would you recommend anything else?
Most of the links I found in the search are fot and don’t deliver to Ireland.

If you really want a long 1/16 bit, I suggest you get lots of them because they will break quickly.

I know lol . Thats why I got a pack of 5. I broke my only one before I even got to use it ha. I cannot find the tapered ones you suggested to me before:(:frowning_face:

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Ebay has many listings for them.

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I just bought some bits from Drillman. Good shipping and great pricing.

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