Should my Dewalt Router move like this?

Hi all,

We are X-Carve newbies and have been fiddling with our X-Carve for awhile. We bought it with projects in mind that need a precise circle. I read around on the forum about tightening belts, v-wheels, etc. We’ve gotten to the point where the circle is very close to being perfect, but it skips 3 steps at the same points every time and the circle is off just a bit.

Anyway, our question is whether or not the Dewalt should be able to move like it does in the video? When completing the passes, we can both clearly see the router move around the area where the circle is off/skipping steps, so we’ve been thinking that this could be causing the issue? We also tried out a square this weekend and one corner was clearly carved incorrectly due to the movement of the Dewalt.

If it is supposed to move like this, any other recommendations for what we can do to try and fine tune our machine? Thanks for any helps in advance!

No, it should not move like that. I can’t tell from the video what is loose. I would check all the z axis screws and all the v wheels. It should be tight and not move like that at all.

Looks to me like your V wheels are not properly set (tight)
I think this is the biggest problem with the machine.
That’s why most everyone goes to an aftermarket Z axis.
Does not make it a bad machine.
Everything has its weak points.
Inventables should offer an upgrade.

Hey… Have you found a solution for this? I have the exact same issue.

Hey… Would you mind explaining what an aftermarket Z axis is please…

@EileenO_Mahony. I have the z axis from Very impressed with their quality.

Check and make sure everything is tight.
If you do decide to upgrade your Z axis I agree with Phillip, CNC4Newbies is a great upgrade. I have the Z axis upgrade

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Yes! We actually called inventables and they walked us through it. It ended up being the wheels to the Z axis needed to be tightened. Hope that helps!


Ah great news that you got it sorted! Thanks for letting me know…

Very helpful, thanks Philip.
@PhillipLunsford @RussellCrawford if I do require the z axis at some point is it easy enough to install?

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It is very easy, just four screws and hook up the stepper motor. Calibration is easy. Here is a video on my upgrade

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It looks like a great bit of kit… the video is super helpful too. Thanks!


Ok after the agony of removing the z axis carriage I realized I didn’t have to do so. The adjustable wheels on the right side of the carriage are just that adjustable. Put your 3 mm wrench on the spacer and turn until it snugs up to the track. Do both on the right side and it will take care of the problem. I felt like and idiot when I realized why the cam of the spacer was offset.