Show and tell: X-Carve assembly! [not troubleshooting]

After arriving Friday, my machine went live at 11:57 PM yesterday. Ran my first successful cut today. My second cut was not successful, as a V wheel came loose on the Z axis. It seems my task list continues to grow now that the machine is up and running.

Task #1 - Figure out why the limit switches are not working (probably due to me mangling the Terminal Block during assembly)
Task #2 - Get some thread lock on those eccentric nuts :smile:
Task #3 - Since I am not happy with how close the controller is to the machine, I think I will rewire it and add a way to disconnect the machine from the controller.
Task #4 - Get to cutting!!!


Thanks for sharing this and your earlier posts for cutting on both sides.

I can’t tell the difference between the male and female ends… help?

Hi Theo,

Does this help:


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Jeremy (sketch42),

can you tell me what size the sleeve material is that you have on your cables running thru the drag chain? I like the clean look you have achieved and when I start my assembly I want to make sure I have some on hand.

Thanks in advance,
Grant gad5264

Thanks @GrantDavis, I tried to get it as clean looking as I could.

I’m not sure exactly what sizes I used, but I bought 3 or 4 different diameter heat shrink and one size of loom. The loom sleeve is expandable so it fits most situations. You can also save some money by not putting the sleeve on all the way through the drag chain. I just made sure that there was enough overlap for entry and exit and left the wires loose in the drag chain for flexibility’s sake.

Here are a few pics that I took at the time… I have since run out of most of it.

These were referenced in my post about my original process of assembly found here:
User Assembly Tips

Thanks for the info Jeremy. I appreciate it.

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