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Cutting .5 holes with a round bit. I set it up but software is not cooperating. Any ideas? I am at a loss, what am I missing? Would making it a straight bit help?

I think you need to use Easels drill operation for that, if not the hole need be carved with a smaller bit allowing the router to make a circle pass. A 1/2" bit doesnt fit in a 1/2" hole when its assumed it will be carved by circle motion.

AFAIK the drill operation assume plunge only which will do what you want.
Or, use a 1/8" bit for the job :slight_smile:


I’ll try the drill operation. I want to use the round bit to give me that curve at the bottom. Those holes will allow for marbles to sit nicely.

The drill operation is a great idea and the best coarse of action for this job,… but if you want to carve the holes you can lie to Easel and make the holes slightly oversize, .507 instead of .500

I’ll try that as well, to see what gives me the best results. Thanks

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Either way you go, make sure to measure the actual bit’s diameter and use that instead of just a generic 1/2", 1/4", or whatever. Bits are very very rarely exactly the same size as their nominal dimension. To get the most precise sized hole you have to use the exact bit diameter that you will be using.

Another point along those lines is that if you need holes that are exactly 1/4" (0.25") in diameter and your bit is (0.244") you will likely not get the desired hole size from the drilling operation. That is in a perfect world though and runout, flex, an a myriad of other things could cause the hole to be correct or even larger than expected.


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@RussellCrawford, @JannetteJHenderson - Rather than messing up your layout it’s easier to just tell Easel that your bit is smaller (0.493). Either way you are going to get the same result, but I hate fudging the design to fit the cutter. I regularly cut 1/8" hole with an 1/8" bit by telling Easel the cutter is 0.115". Works great!