Showing off a quick sign

Did the work in Autodesk Fusion 360, generated the GCode, and spit it out to the UGS. Turned out really nice.

I just have to not go so deep on the next cut, since it chewed thru some of the wood that it should have kept, but as my first try, i’m really happy with the machine.

You can see on the hop, I lost all of the detail. I need to change the depth on it… learning experience with particle board.



Practice makes perfect! What type of bit were you using?

Nice! What kind of bit did you use @DanRegalia?

Also I gave you early access to G-Code sending in Easel. It’s now in your file menu if you want to give it a try.

Thanks Zach, I’m checking it out tonight. I have lots of questions for you actually, because it looks straight forward, but it doesn’t quite make the sense that i’m expecting. First, when I am building something in Fusion 360 and export it, I set the zero, which helps me position the project on the stock. For instance, the xyz is directly centered on the project.

However when I import it into easel, it seems to ignore the stock that i’ve setup, and sets a different arbitrary starting point. .

I’m a bit cautious to use this, as it may make it impossible to start/stop/swap bits, if I’m going to have a different machine position every time, and a different starting point, based on the gcode that is being uploaded. As you can see on the zoom out of the project (2 Tap Handles for my home brew club) that the stock size is a necessary thing to pull out for post process. Is there anyway to get that updated in your post processor?


I picked up a 1/4 to 1/8 converter at Rockler and used a 20 degree V bit on it… lol. It wasn’t too bad… worked pretty good actually.

Thanks for asking. Next time tho, i’m going to use a .850mm engraving bit with 1/8" inch shank I picked up from harbor freight.

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