ShuttleXpress with UGS and X-Carve

Hi all,

I have been bashing my head against a wall with this one…

Is it possible to get the ShuttleXpress to control the X-carve with UGS?

I can’t see any way of using the buttons to select an axis and then turn the wheel to jog the X-carve in that direction.

Any help would be great,

You’d have to do something like this: Prototype UGS Pendant

UGS doesn’t have any support for ShuttleXpress. You also cannot select an axis so I don’t think you can do this with keybindings either.

Chilipeppr has support for the Shuttlexpress, and I believe bCNC was able to copy that in — @WillWinder any possibility of doing that for UGS?

Has anyone actually used ShuttleXpress?

I bought one, and mapped the keys so that it works moderately well w/ bCNC and similar apps — the problem is one needs specific support for a button to swap axes (and there was no direct support for the central wheel functionality) — see how it’s configured for a Tormach:

The planned use I had for the one I bought didn’t work out (won’t allow a certain button to be mapped in my favourite drawing program) — @WillWinder — if you’d like, I’d be glad to send it to you to implement this in UGS, then you could pass it on to some other person doing development, or keep it for your own use if you like it. Send mea PM

I have got it sort of working. just key mapping with the ShuttleXpress software, but not being able to use the wheels to jog is annoying. Oh well, thank you all.