Side Board-- Additional Uses?

I’ve looked through the forum here and can’t seem to find anyone that’s using the side board for anything other than the X Controller. Do any of you have any ideas for the 20 or so inches (1,000 mm) to the back behind the wiring? Seems like a lot of wasted space. I read on some other posts the were some plans for expansion to that area but haven’t seen anything.

Wondering what, if anything y’all are doing with that space. Thanks!

I put the clamps and tools there

Did you carve a piece for it? I’ve seen a few examples here that I thought about doing and screwing down in that space.

Like Phillip, I too put clamps and tools there. I also have a relay for the spindle at the very back edge.

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I used the extra sideboard space to mount the IOT relay that controls the spindle. The Dewalt router power cord is almost perfectly long enough for this.

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