Sign for grandparents cabin

F-Engrave does do images. You have to save them as .bmp files (black and white) and it has a trace routine built-in. If you don’t like the results, you can also use the trace routines in Inkscape to convert an image to vectors and then save as .dxf.

As far as the types of wood I like for paint fill, the harder, and the clearer and tighter the grain the better.
Maple tends to be pretty good and relatively easy to come by at most big box DIY stores.
Pine is ok if you get a good piece of it, but I wouldn’t use something like Poplar.
Ash ought to be ok too.
I haven’t tried anything like Mahogany or Walnut yet, but I’d imagine they would work pretty well too.

Poplar seals really, really well and has a very nice tight grain and is much better and harder than pine. It carves beautifully as well. It is a good, cheap option. I have a number of exterior signs that still look amazing done in poplar. It does not tint well, however (still better than pine though there are many, many different kinds of pine… )

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Fair enough. Maybe it’s the style of poplar that’s available at my local shops, but I’ve never been impressed. It feels as light as basswood or at least, lighter (thus, less dense) than pine, and it’s this horrible shade of brownish-green. I made a couple of early projects with it and it had almost no strength and didn’t look good even when stained.

If I were going to paint it, I might consider it for a project where Pine wouldn’t otherwise work, but for anything where I want to see the wood, I think Poplar isn’t a great choice. Just my 2¢.

Yeah, walnut sounds like a good bet, dunno about white paint though. Maybe go for black paint, and then a non-tinted oil finish to keep the wood from getting darker.

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I have a small sign on the wall of my shop that was a test cut in a walnut scrap.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure” Thomas Jefferson.

I liked the way it came out so i hit it with the shellac, white paint for the letters and sanded it off. Looks great in my opinion!

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I’ll see what I can get this evening if I can remember. thats a day away at this point.:slight_smile:

Here is the final that I happen to have a pic of on this pc

Funny, but that doesn’t look like white paint in the letters.

As my previous post say, this is the final run. I am planning to get a shot of the white lettered test piece after work today.

But if you want, you can do a photo negative of the aboe pic and then the letters will be white! :kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You could get finer detail by using one of these 11 degree V-Bits.

Whiteside 11-Degree V-Bit

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That looks great!

I dunno about your wordmark in the top corner though…


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You will never think about using tape again.

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Except on your glasses.

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Oh Holy Hannah! My forgetter isnt getting better!

I remembered to get that pic of white letters on dark wood. Sorry for the crappy cell pic, but hey, I dont pay for the phone so,… (work phone)

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I wouldn’t trust Easel to handle a 27mb file without choking and burning to the ground. I hope you’re using UGS or some other g-code sender for that file.

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Ask Santa for a Laser Phil :slight_smile:

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Where did you get that tree image?