Sign for my daughters door

Here is one of my first projects, nameplate sign for my daughters bedroom. 2 pieces of 1/4" MDF painted separately and glued together.


Nice, did you air brush?

No just spray paint

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Nice job. Great paint too.

That’s a great sign!

How’d you do the two color spray paint on the top layer, full pink then a couple passes with purple? It’s hard to tell whether the sides are pink or purple down below.

Painted the pink first, then started the purple on the bottom and just blended it half way up.

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Excellent! Paint looks fantastic.

Dang, man! I definitely concur with the overall theme here. The X-carving is good, but the painting is what really makes this awesome! Great work. :slight_smile:

I used the 1/16" Upcut Fish Tail Spiral Bit that inventables sells. Works really well and didn’t take long at all to cut out.

Did you seal the MDF first?

Excellent job! Love the paint job, and nice clean lines on the cut too.

Turned out great! That’s a really smooth fade you got going there. I like it!

thanks guys!

Very nice job. Sorry to do a “me too” but here’s the one, my first proper job, I did for my Grandaughter using wood inlaying. There is no doubt that wood inlay, this uses four wood types, is soooo much easier and the results far superior to the old school router inlay kit with its removable ring.


Nice sign, definitely gonna have to make few of these for the grand kids.
Can you tell me the name of the font you used.


Thanks for the idea Bob, here is mine

A little more sanding and some paint and it’s a plus 1 for Opa (grandpa in German)


Nice! That looks great!

Did you make that with easel??

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I don’t know how Bob created his, I used Inkscape. It could be done in Easel but your font choice is really limited.

I used illustrator to design it, then imported into easel