Sign for my x-carve

Very cool, I am making a few things for my work. I will know after the next CI meeting how far and deep we go with that project. For what I think I will do the Glowforde it seems like the right fit thanks for all the information, I really appreciate it. Steve

I mean the laser is gonna take care of any intruding animals, well except sharks of course, they love lasers…

@HenryFeldman, does the Glowforge have a motorized Z axis?

It does auto-focus if that’s what you mean? Unlike other laser cutters it is not fixed focus height with a z-block to set it, you do it all in software (there is a small solid state laser that projects a focusing pattern on the work piece). The surface has to be within 1.5-2” from the floor of the laser and it will focus. It always checks the focus even on their barcoded material (trust but verify). It also comes with a lens removal magnet tool to clean the lens since it moves around a lot it’s important to keep the Lens assembly grunge free.

No…most larger CO2 lasers have a Z axis that can be adjusted to accommodate different thicknesses of materials. What’s the max thickness you could engrave on a Glowforge?

So you have 2 modes to answer this question, if you have the honeycomb in place then 0-.5" and without the honeycomb in place 0-2" (but the top must be between 0-0.5"). There is no ability to accommodate a taller object.

Now way back when before the automagical focus came to be this was a tutorial I wrote on just this topic: