Sign for snowcat

Making a sign for moto vloger snowcat search YouTube snuwcat87xxtrim.04383081-227D-4DED-8947-6D69751EEE49.MOV (1.1 MB)Uploading trim.DF2BC2FA-2985-4B32-B4AB-C5B3192A0E39.MOV…


Good idea with the airbrush, gotta find mine now, lol. Nice looking sign!

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That does look incredible. And wow, airbrushes are 1000x cleaner than spray paint… May need to look into one haha.

Nice. Any recommendations on sanding off the extra paint? Belt or orbital? Grit? My paint tends to smear into the grain and it’s tough to get it looking that clean. That looks great.

Are you using spray paint? I make sure before I paint I use at least 320 grit on my detail sander. The smoother the surface the better it will come off with less work. I use to use spray paint but as well it got all over my sand paper if I didn’t give it al least 3 days to cure. With air brushing I can sand after just 1 hour of dry time some times sooner depending on the material and amount of paint I used

Air brushing is a really great idea! I’ve had the same issues with spray painting and painting with a brush by hand takes so long. I’ve never used an air brush but after seeing this post I started researching some things. I’m assuming its not overly difficult to spray a single color on a sign. I searched around an found a full kit on amazon for $50.

Is it difficult to get into?

My air brush was a gift from a family member. He does por airbrushing and has like 20. Since he has so many and about 10 of them are still in box brand new that’s his I got started. I bough a heavy duty compressor from Home Depot for about 150 on a Black Friday sail. The paint and thinner I got from hobby lobby. I also got a pro 10’ air line for it. For the air compressor I added a water filter to make sure I get the best possible. I also got a 1 to 3 air divider so I can fun 3 air brushes in future. Your psi should be about 20 to 30 psi max and thin your paint down to the consistency of what milk looks like. Cleaners are expensive And with an expensive air brush you will want to keep it clean. You can so 50 50 water and windex. Or pure alcohol like the kind you would clean a cut with I use 99%. Any more questions please ask or search on YouTube.

I picked up a cheap Harbor Freight airbrush and compressor. They work great for my use. I wanted something to paint small wooden kids toys, like cars, trucks, etc. The rattle can just blows the small parts around. The [Badger Air-Brush Co. 121 Paint Mixer][1]

[1]: “Badger Air-Brush Co. 121 Paint Mixer” is a great deal for $12. It is a mini blender that allows you to mix paint right in the jars. One of the hints I picked up was to use Windex (with ammonia - original) to both clean the airbrush and to thin the acrylic paint. I’ve been using the small squirt bottles of acrylic paint from Walmart and the craft stores. About a $1 a bottle. Mixes down to A LOT.

cool man thanks for the tips

This is really interesting! How do you know when you’ve thinned the paint down enough? Do you have a measured system or just look for a certain consistency?

If it’s not thin enough, it clogs the airbrush. Keep some Windex in a small bottle with a thin tip. Cure the clog bu squirting the stuff through the airbrush. You can check the viscosity by swirling the paint in the glass jar. A few tries and you’ll get the hang of it. I’ve used it to spray lettering because it dries in less than an hour. Also, you can paint with more detail versus a rattle can.

I mix mine to move as if it was milk of that helps any. Saw it on a how to airbrush video on YouTube

@MichaelZawicki did you sand it by hand or with a machine?

I use windex as a cleaner and use a separate liquid for thining

I do all sanding by hand at moment. Plan to use a plainer to take off 1/32 off top in the soon future

Wow. It looks really clean and nice. Great work.

Thank you very much. I’m very proud of myself for this one. I even got a shout out for doing it. Man my phone did not stop making sounds for about 7 hours that night

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How big does the compressor have to be to run an air brush? I have a pancake compressor, not very big. Runs a Brad nailer just fine. Would that be enough for an airbrush?

No problem. The bigger the tank, the less it has to turn on the compressor. I’m only using my airbrush at 15-25 psi. I use it for a lot of stuff now, like signs, but I originally got it to paint small toy parts. That’s my fun project when I don’t have anything serious to do (like honeydoo).

Mine is a 8 gallon and I run at same psi 15-20 when air brushing and for the clear costs I use a larger paint sprayer at 25 psi to get a nice thick coat for a glass like finish in just 2 applications with a 2 hour dry time in between