Sign Making - Almost There But Having Minor Carving Issues

So finally, got my Xcarve 1000mm up and running pretty reliably! Have been trying to get into the sign game and I am making some progress but still have some issues. Here is a sign I made for a Christmas gift on a piece of cedar fence post using a 1/2 90 degree vbit.

Looks okay from a distance but as you get closer you can see some minor defects in the carve.

Are these due to my settings - feed rate IPM etc? Is it not a small enough bit for the chosen design? I have seen much smaller lettering on these forums come out way more crisp than this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Using F engrave! I’m testing out 30 IPM with a plunge rate of 20. Going to tweak my RPM on the Dewalt 611, but I’m close right? I know it’s hard to tell but does this look like setting issues and not issues with the Xcarve itself?

Hmm will give a different material a try. I have seen many people carve beautiful things into cedar before though

For a lot of the v-carving I do, I run the same toolpath twice. The second pass really cleans up the initial cut that can be rough in some materials.


Appreciate the help fellas! Have a lot of learning to do as I am a complete novice, but hey that’s part of the fun! Will give the ideas listed a try and report back!

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LOL i’ll be mindful of that next time! Have been walking around campus all day, still a college kid!!