Sign warps in sun need advice on treatment

I am going to have to make a new sign.
However I need help from the experts here on how to treat it so it doesn’t warp and have issues.

The coating is delaminating and the wood is pine with a wood stain.
The coating is pour on from Michaels. The entire sign was covered with this and it still wore off.
The sign is not more than a year old.

So what should I use in order to prevent this?

+1. If you have a jointer and planer, and can dry the wood for 9-12 months, then mill it down to a smaller size. There’ll be less movement in the wood. I normally have a dozen or more pine 2x4s drying for up to a year, and I rotate. These are mixed in with “real” non-dimensional slabs of other woods. Sadly the stuff from the box stores has such a high moisture content they can’t be trusted for much if not kept indoors. Ymmv

I use this on my outdoor wood projects. Its very expensive but does a great job and goes a long way.

Just so you know that piece of wood was solid piece when I bought it.
Looks like it appeared that they glued strips the way it warped.
I will have to be careful buying new wood later.

Thanks for pointing out what I already suspected.

Epoxy is great stuff but I have never seen any that has a UV barrier. For marine use we often use a Spar Varnish as they usually have UV protection. But even then if exposed 24/7 it needs to be recoated every year or so.

I am looking at Art Resin ( as a possible finish coat for some projects that I have going on. It is still relatively new, but so far the testing shows that it is holding up pretty well to UV…

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