Signs making

What program is best to use to making signs with more than one line and trying to get them all in the middle

Easel do object alignment just fine :slight_smile:

Say you want to type:
“Hello World”

Make one text object per line, mark them both and use Easel alignment tool. Set height manually prior.
Then select Combine. You now have two text objects, aligned, that is permanently grouped together and can be aligned to a shape.

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Where is the alignment tool

Okay, the alignment tool bar will appear when you select the object (like your text) AND the object you want to align to (like the outside frame of your sign). You will now see the alignment bar appear at the top of the worksheet. See example below. You will see 6 alignment options. To center in middle of sign frame select center vertically button and center horizontal button and it will align to center of sign frame box.

See my example:

I first clicked on the text box (Hello World), now hold the shift key AND select with mouse the outside border of the sign frame. Both should now be highlighted. Alignment tool bar will appear. Now with the mouse select the alignment button (center vertical) then alignment button (center horizontal). Now your text is in the center of the sign border.
For Michael just manually slide Michael below (Hello World) to what looks good. Select Michael text then hold shift key then select frame border with mouse, now just select (center vertical) button to alignment Michael to middle of sign. Done.

That’s all folks, good luck