Simple arrow for sign

Hey everyone, I was asked to make a friend a sign that points to the beach.
I have officially given up looking for a free arrow.

Does anyone know where I might get an arrow without having to use my visa ?

Thank you in advance…


I’ll make you one. PM me an email.

Here ya go.

But do you have an arrow pointing the other way?



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Did you seriously fall for @DavidAnnetta trolling, or was he being serious?


I don’t get it…but I could use one pointing up :laughing:

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What if someone needed two?

This way!


A simple search on Google is just Arrow SVG or Arrow Silhouette or Arrow Vector - substitute Arrow for any other word. For future needs that is… we all have some massive clip art collections after a while, I personally get great joy out of spending way too many hours drawing whatever I need in digital but I seriously spend hours and hours on the computer some nights and for a quick sign it really is not needed.

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Sorry could resist.

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Not amused. Forumites here extremely generous. Shouldn’t be played. Too many of us needing REAL help…:disappointed: Sorry, no flaming intended, just trying to preserve the integrity of the community…

Thank you to the people that helped, I truly appreciated your support.

As for the others, do you remember when you started out?
Did people try to embarrass you when you asked for help?

I will seriously think twice before asking for help on this forum.


I apologize. That being said, we are a family here on the forum and like families, have fun like siblings and tease each other knowing that there isn’t any malice involved.

I appreciate that, please remember that us newbies need help. I know that a simple arrow is nothing for the experienced but every arrow on the internet I found required a visa…

Yes I am embarrassed to ask in the first place so maybe I’m a little sensitive, thanks for the help!

I do truly love this forum, it is how I manage to get through the hurdles I encounter as I try to
improve my x-carve skills and I have a long way to go.

Thank you !


Have you downloaded and tried learning how to use Inkscape? It’s free and works wonders. You can copy and paste any image and turn it into an svg using “trace bitmap.” It takes a little practice to learn how to do it but you can search google for “inkscape trace bitmap tutorial” and you should be able to find a few tutorials to help explain it.

yes I am using Inkscape, thanks to a Phil !

He also suggested to do the same Trace bitmap and I tried this yesterday.
Works great and solved my problem.

Again, the help is greatly appreciated.
I am loving the x-carve.

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Don’t worry about it. Ask any time. PM if you want.

I apologize for my comment, it was not meant in malice. We all need help sometimes, and it’s great to have a place to get that help. I have learned a lot from reading here, and I have a long way to go. So if I offended anyone I am truly sorry.

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I thought it was funny