Simple assembly, alignment and tramming test tool

I use a a very means to test and adjust my router to get the spindle perpendicular to the spoil board. It takes about 3 minutes to make it. I have used one for years and it works well.
Bend a 8-10 inch long piece of brass or steel rod into a ‘Z’ shape leaving about 1/2 inch on each end.

Clamp the rod in your router’s collet (be sure to unplug your router, you do not want to turn it on)
Lower your ‘z’ axis until the free end of the tool just touches the waste board.
Rotate the spindle/collet and the tool will show how far off perpendicular your spindle is.



Thanks… I didn’t have a dial indicator and this worked so easy and cheap to make…

A brilliant idea. Simple, clean and very effective. Thank you for sharing.

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Inventables is free to add that to the assembly docs or Mr Kaplan can get them to include one in the kit. if they feel so inclined.
10 inches of bent steel or brass rod should be less than $1 or $2


So I have a slightly dumb question! If the spindle shows that it is tipped forward, how do you adjust this back to plumb with the waste board?

Loosen the X rail at the end plates and tip it back and re-tighten the end plates.