Simple carving problems

Hi All
Beginning to lose faith in Easel…i am a relative newbe to CNC carving and have used easel for about 8 months doing simple mainly text or letter carving. Out of the last 20 carvings i have had only 3 that have been successful. Main problem is that my design on the screen does not end up on the workpiece
I have used text inside a traced object spaced perfectly on screen and it ends up outside the object on workpiece. Also has several attempts at simple text wording again perfect on screen then ends up “doubling back” and destroying the letters. I use a 3080 machine, design my work, generate the G code and then save it to an SD card. My machine has SD Card facility. I have done perfect cuts in the past and people very pleased with the work. ANYONE HELP PLEASE

So what happens if you do a simple shape, like a circular pocket?

Hi Henry
Latest project is a rectangular pocket set to 2.8mm I have inserted a text box with two words set at zero so the words look proud. Now on 5th attempt as machine keeps dissecting the words.

Can you post a picture

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Picture or Easel project would be nice if possible.

Since your workflow is Easel -> Export gcode -> import into a 3018-GRBL controller there could be some compatibility issues. Checking the Easel project and compare with a photo from a failed carve might shed light on where to look.

Basically, we need more data :slight_smile:

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could be sticky lead screw or if you are connected via usb faulty connection

When you have a project that goes bad, does it go bad a second time if you run the G-code a second time. If it does, that sounds like a problem in your G-code. If you can share the G-code of a project that goes bad, we can look at that with a G-code previewer to see if it looks like your results. Also, share a picture of a the carve after it has gone bad on your 3080.