Simple dust shoe mount

Hi All,

I’ve just done my first experiment with a new dust shoe. It worked great, the shoe itself is still a work in progress but the mount is so simple and effective I thought I would share it.

I found a plumbing fitting that my vacuum hose fits snugly inside. Cut off approx 8cm from the top. Cut a length wise slot about 1cm wide. Screwed this into the side of the router mount. Done.

The rest of the pipe now simply snaps in place. Super easy to remove, replace and adjust, but sturdy enough to stay where its put.


That is snazzy.

What size screws did you use?

I used two screws that came with the kit. I think they are M4 screws. They don’t need to be long.

Ideally I would have replaced them with screws with a lower profile head because the thicker head on my screws stops the vacuum tube snapping fully into the fitting. This didn’t cause a problem, it just doesn’t look as clean.