Simple Easel Question

Opening Easel, on the left there is the design box, on the right there is the simulated tool path box. what commands do I use to enlarge the box on the right? Right now mine is so small I can barely see it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Click and hold left mouse button => Tilt up/down/sideways
Click and hold right mouse button => Pan
Mouse zoom wheel => Zoom in/out of view

If you have a laptop you do not have full function on the pad. Must use a mouse

Using a laptop, thank you for the information.

I use a laptop as well. A mouse is very cheap. In my videos I use the mouse at the machine to control the laptop.

On the Mac laptop it’s two fingers swipe up on the trackpad to zoom in and two fingers down to zoom out. Hold Shift then you can drag the image around. Not sure how well those gestures work on Windows.