Simple Feature Request - Surface Routine- no profile pass

I would love the option to select a surfacing routine (Pocket) that does not do a finish pass profile of a square or rectangle. A lot of us Makers use a rectangle and 1 inch spoil board / fly cutter to flatten work.
Also would like to pick a corner to start from.

Please & Thank you.

Tim, not the FB group this time? :man_shrugging: Regarding the corner, you can just move your rectangle to place the 0,0 of Easel anywhere you like, move the rectangle to the lower left of 0,0 to start from the upper right corner… But I do agree that it would be nice to have an “all raster” option without the profile at the end. :+1:

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Well, there is a reason for Easel’s edge profile around a raster. Without that, the raster cut would have little dimples on the two edges of the design in the direction of the raster since bits always make a circular cut.

It is fairly straight forward to write a short bit of GCode that will do a simple raster cut for flattening a workpiece; there are even some free utilities out there that will generate it for you.

Just remember that if you a leveling a stock with straight up raster only, you will want to make sure the bit travels at least half of it’s width off of each side in the direction of the raster (if using 0% stepover that is, it would be less as the stepover increases obviously; half way over would work for all stepover %).

Give him a few days to see this request and I am sure @EthanKinney will try creating an app for this. He just can’t help himself… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin:


Brandon Parker

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Lol you’re funny

Edit: actually… I might be able too…

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Thank you as always. I enjoy your Facebook support & videos, I felt the inventibles forum was better suited for feature requests.

I agree in a pocket routine the profile pass is needed to clean up raster dimples…
As for surface cuts, my work around from day one is to have an over size rectangle over the entire work piece and always starting fully off the piece and stepping fully off the peace in a raster format. I was hoping I wasn’t the first to suggest this. I will typically just pause the cut on the last raster when tool clears and re-home. I was just hoping for a check box option similar to ramping option where i could choose not to profile. I like doing everything in easel - that is the whole point of paying for pro… I do not want 3rd party applications to do the work. Hence “Feature Request” help make easel better with minimal effort. Also since i am in feature request - can we get custom jog options in jog mode like we have in carve mode. A lot of times I’d like to jog Y 10 inches… in one click. If possible.
Thanks for your considerations.

Thanks everyone.

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I use a similar technique with oversized rectangles for planing. I typically cancel the job once it finishes the last cut just before it begins the profile pass.

I think an additional request with surface planing is for the bit to go back to front repeatedly, instead of back to front, front to back. The surface bits typically make a better cut in one direction, and I’ve noticed when planing hardwoods, the south to north (front to back) plane collects and compresses shavings in the center pocket of the flat bit, then it literally pops out (with a thunk) when it passes over the edge of the wood. This doesn’t appear to affect the planing, but the fact that it is compressing the shavings makes me think it isn’t really designed for that direction of cut.

Ah, yes, i think there is a pile of requests (mine included) for Climb vs Conventional direction options whether it be for profiling in general or for surfacing, this option would be a great addition!! :+1:

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I’m sure you can.

I typically use Fusion, but when I’m at the CNC, I’ve used this with success.

Keep in mind that the gcode is unitless. It’d be best practice to add a G21 or G20 in the header.