Simple project

Looking at buying the xcarve, seems like a good price point for what I need.
My first project/contract is to build 600 of these boards. They are 30x15. Questions are:

  1. with 750mm work space, can the edge of that be carved?
  2. is the software as simple as the tutorial videos make it out to be?
  3. what vacuum attachment is available (if any)
    This material is 3/4” particle board.

Software is simple to learn, plenty of help on this forum and in youtube videos. I have the dust colection that is offered by Inventables and it works well. I purchased a Fein Turbo 1 shop vac to use with it. Very quite and lots of power. I added a dust deputy between the CNC and the Fein, I got the dust deputy on a 20 gallon barrel. It gets 99% or better of the dust. I have the 1000 if you can afford it get the big one you will thank yourself later.

At 30" x 15", you will exceed the 750x750mm work area of the largest stock machine. Unless you buy an extended rail kit (third-party), you will need to tile the job to get the full length done. It can be done, but in stages.

Easel is very easy. Especially for what appears to be a pretty basic design, even with the need for tiling.

Do you have any links to the items you purchased?
Pics of the setup?
I definitely want a dust collection system.

For the project I showed-about how long would the carve take?

Is Pro worth getting?

Without tiling (I shrink a little) how long might the carve take?

The beauty of Easel is that you can download it right now, start designing and run carve simulations. And if you have questions, we all can help!

I don’t know how thick your board is or how deep you will cut the circles but I laid out 50 - 2 inch circles on a 15" X 30" piece of MDF with a cut depth of .2 and Easel says it will take 22 minutes. Easel is not always the best estimator of time but I think in this case it pretty close. I don’t see it taking longer than 30 minutes to cut 50 circles
Good Luck and welcome to the forum

Got them all off amazon


The Dust Deputy DIY Standalone Anti-Static Cyclone Separator (The Dust Deputy DIY)

FEIN Turbo I Vacuum Cleaner, 5.8 Gallon, 1100W | Includes: 13 ft Suction Hose, Tool Coupling with Suction Power Control, Cellulose Filter, 1 Fleece Filter Bag

Eagle 1654 Yellow Blow-Molded HDPE Salvage Drum with Metal Ring Lever-Lock Lid, 20 gallon Capacity, 21" Height, 21" Diameter