Simple question on the initial set-up

Hello everyone,

I’m sure this is a simple question but I want to make sure before I go much further … in the initial set-up when you test the wiring and jog the motors manually, it is obvious that the arrows for the X-axis mean the router moves left/right on the carriage, and likewise up/down arrows for the z-axis.

For the Y-axis, does the up arrow mean the router is moving away from you, from the perspective of standing in front of the x-carve? And likewise the down arrow means the unit moves toward you on the carriage?

I followed the wiring instructions faithfully, double-checking my connections as I went, but right off the x-axis was switched. Easy to have the software do the switch for me. But if the Y-axis directions are what I described above (up arrow is away from you, down arrow is toward you) then that too was switched.

Z-axis was fine.

I feel slightly embarrased for what is surely a simple query, but I want to make sure I’m moving forward correctly.

Thank you!


Your assumptions for Y are correct.
arrow up it should move away to the back.

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Thank you, Mark, for the quick response and help! Much appreciated!