Simple remote control

Hey all. Got a little nerdy and bought an app from google play called splashtop on my tablet. There is a free app called Streamer you can download and install on the pc.

Short story even shorter, I can control/jog my machine with my tablet through wifi. I’m enjoying it.

I’m not a rep or affiliated with the company. Just passing it on.

There are a few to choose from. I use Team Viewer.

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+1 for Teamviewer. Been a user for 5+ years and love it (head of tech support at my company)

will definitely check it out

Another for TeamViewer! I used to use LogMeIn, but sometime in the last year or two they dropped their free service. I found TeamViewer as a replacement service and I freakin love it. It has great controls and the video fps is seriously impressive.

Althought, this does bring up a brilliant useage of that sort of remote login software. I’m always jogging across the room to press the jog down 0.005" button and then jog back to see if my Z axis is homed yet. Thanks JDM

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