Simple Way To Make a Z Knob

Here is a Simple Way To Make a Z Knob:
Open Easel
Go to the Icons - select the Daisy
Make it 2 inches x and y
Put a circle over it 1.5 to 1.75 inches depending on how deep you want your grip surfaces.
Combine the two
Set cut to outline
From the apps - choose polygon generator
Make it 6 sides -like the nut
Set width to your nut (10mm)
I carved this out of .25 inch Birch Plywood with a 1/32 upcut bit, set at 12 in per minute travel and 4 in plunge rate.
Slower cuts finer.


Mine hits the router when fully up (i.e.: homing) so be warned.

Figure something to put one hand cranking pin to it. Sometimes you need to make 20 full revolution to pull the router up. Just check inventables one I’m using long time.

I actually sell them on ebay lol. Its a 3D printed knob I found on thingiverse. (I give credit to the creator) If anyone is interested this the link

That’s cute!

I made mine by putting a hex shaped hole in the waste from my HDPE spindle mounts.

…well, there was this one time where I plunged my router (with bit) into my workpiece 1/4" up my collect. But I consider that a special event.


old grbl
No Jog with power off

Shortest path syndrome. Sometimes the shortest path is not the best solution, but it gets you there.

Hi How can I get one shipped to Australia