Simulating toolpaths taking forever

I’m trying to carve an American flag with some customized images, and when it goes to simulate toolpaths before carving it sat at about 5-10% for over an hour. I can’t walk away because if it starts with the router off I’ll ruin the project and break the bit, but I don’t want to leave my router running for however many hours it takes to compute the toolpaths. I’m wondering if simulating toolpaths before carving will speed up this process when I carve, if the number of workpieces in one file impacts the speed, or if there might be something else I can do to speed this step up because I can’t get anything done at this rate.

You can export the gcode and run it later.

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I don’t really know anything about g code. Can I run this straight from easel? Or with something like UGS will it separate roughing and detail paths?

Now that it finally exported the g code, I get it. Thank you, this will save me tons of time and frustration

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