Single Board Computers + X-Controller

I have a nifty-cool ‘Single Board Windows 10 Computer’ showing up soon that i plan on using with my X-Carve and i’m wondering if there is enough space inside the X-Controller for it…

Here is the computer…

Spec’s show the board is 2.76" x 3.46" (no thickness is shown… but probably as thick as a Raspberry Pi).

Is there enough empty space in the X-Controller for this board? It will give me an excuse to tell my wife the X-Controller is a necessity and not just another toy :slight_smile:

PS. I am about 60% convinced that i’ll actually receive this board… I hate kickstarter… But this one sucked me in. If i was buying now i would actually wait for them to start shipping and reviews. (i am not endorsing this product… buy at your own risk :slight_smile: )

I bought a Win 8.1 7" refubished quadcore tablet for $35 off Amazon. It is now updated to Win10 and does a great job.

have you tried windows 10 for the raspberry pie

Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi isn’t full windows… Its called WIndows 10 Core. It doesn’t run standard windows apps, doesn’t have the standard windows desktop… Unless you write your own software its not usable with the X-Carve.

I currently have a PC connected to my X-Carve. My idea however is to cram this small windows 10 computer into the X-Controller. Then the X-Controller will be my end-all-controller for my X-Carve.

Not sure if you noticed… but along with its Atom CPU running the full desktop of Windows 10 it also has an Arduino on board. The information on the pin-outs is very sparse, but it may even be possible to run a GRBL shield as well (i doubt it has the standard Arduino pin layout though…)

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