Single Flute bits and the Dewalt 611

Since the 611 has a lowest speed limit of about 16,000 RPM the recommended feedrates can be pretty fast for the standard 2 (or more) flute cutters. Unfortunately high feedrates are tough on the XC. Without a cutting load the XC can move pretty fast, but under load it will place a lot of stress on the belts, and vwheels.

WIth a single flute flute cutter, the feedrates can be lower while the chipload stays within recommended ranges.

So the advantages of a single flute cutter with the 611 and XC look good on paper. Does anyone have any experience using single flute cutters? Do they provide a nice clean cut?

It seems like the single flute cutter would be most helpful when cutting MDF or soft woods.

I’m using an Onsrud Uniflute downshear 1/4" as my primary cutting tool actually. It leaves a superb surface finish, although it feels a bit less well balanced than a two-flute, maybe a slight bit more vibration? Kind of odd. But it works extremely well. I’ve been using it extensively on cherry, walnut, soft maple, and pine.

EDIT: These are all photos of pockets cut with the Uniflute. These have all been only extremely lightly sanded with some 320, if they were sanded at all.


Looking sooooo beautiful.

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Thanks! I’m having a blast with the X-carve in general. The stuff it’s letting me do is awesome. :smile:

Beside machining, your finishes are perfect. That is the biggest problem I’m having. What’re you using especially for dark brown one.

All of the finishes there are just clear polyurethane, no colour at all. That is Minwax “Helmsman” outdoor-grade, in semi-gloss. I spray on two coats separated by about an hour, let it dry for ~24 hours, then sand lightly with 800 grit and give it one more coat to finish.

Even that Dark Brown with two pens and ink bottle next to it. Is that natural color.

I have some walnut that is nice and dark like that.

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I was having a terrible time getting a decent cut in HDPE until I got some single-flute 1/8" bits. When I started using it, I got cuts that look like a warm knife in butter. I have the 48V 300W spindle.

That’s correct, that’s what I did for dust shoe, slowest speed on dewalt, fast and shallow cut. It’s taking several extra turn but giving smooth edge.

Wow @DanBrown those are great cuts. I was looking up onsrud single flute downcut bits. Do you happen to know the part number of the one you used?

That it is, Alan! That’s walnut, with a clear finish only. :smile:

@JohnPattillo: The bit I’m using is marked:

62-775 1/4
S155712 USA

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I’ll give it a try.

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Hate to bring back an old topic, but feel like the original question was never answered? Didn’t want to start another topic with the same question…

Since the Dewalt goes so fast, is it wiser to go single flute?

I have tons of Drillman1 two-flute up-cut bits, but normally cut with a 1/8" two-flute down-cut bit but after multiple breaks and burned tips, I feel like something else is better?

From a pure chip load perspective, a single flute is the best for the high speed 611. But from a quality cut perspective a two flute tool is better.

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