Single Line Font Questions

I have the website Could anyone tell me a bit about how this software handles different font types? Specifically, if it will read opf (open path fonts) or automatically remove closure lines in single stroke otf (open type fonts). Also, does it read SVG files?

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Easel does not import custom fonts. Typically you have to use them in Inkscape or something similar, then convert the font to linework, and import the SVG.


I tried contacting you using your website and have not got a response, is there another email I can try?
Russell Crawford

Hi Russell, I surely do apologize for that! I will take a look at that right now - that should have come straight to my business email address This one, my personal one, is excellent also:

I believe your users might benefit from my fonts. The easiest way is to use FontLab Pad and then save as SVG. This makes a genuine, single-line font that has no double-passes. I have also written a couple of Hershey fonts that work directly in Inkscape in single line format.

I would be glad to send you one of my fonts in either my regular package (with three formats) or a Hershey font if you would be interested. It excites me that the fonts I made might be used in the beautiful work you do.

Thank you for your response, and again I apologize that I missed it the first time.