Sintra (or expanded PVC board)

Wife: can you put something up so the baby can use her jumper in the entry way?
Me: Yes! I’ll design something.
Wife: don’t you just need to use a saw or something?
Me: No! I must use the x-carve

(this is how my conversations go now lol)

Thought I’d mess around with some new materials I found at lowes. This board was .75" x 3.5" x 8’. For $13 at Lowes, what could it hurt to give it a shot?

I really tried the 3d carving on this to see how it turns out. Everything was done with 1/8" straight flute end mill and 1/8" ball nose. After doing the rough cut at 30 ipm, I quickly realized that I could easily do 60+ ipm. As you can see it gives really crisp clean edges with no chipout or anything. Actually even on the really fine stuff it didn’t mess up or chip out at all.

On the 3d carve I did 60 ipm and it turned out good.

The board is really dense and would work great for alot of different projects. I see Ben Heck using Sintra all the time and now I see why.

I created an indentation on the upper portion of the board so that when the jumper is hanging, theres no way that it can slip off. I need to make one for the other side of the header.


i tried to find that material on Lowes and Home Depot website. It didn’t come up. Do you have a part number or any other info on it?

is that like a foam or is it like a solid piece of PVC?


Looks like the brand is Royal Mouldings. They have various sizes (1x4, 1x6, 1x8, and more but I think they can get a little expensive)

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I saw a 4ft X 8ft sheet of this stuff at my local Lowes for about $90.

Sintra is a name brand, but not something they sell at big box stores to my knowledge. I think it usually comes in sheets more than boards like this. That being said, I’ve used this stuff from Lowe’s before. I made clamps for my Loc-Line vacuum hose setup when I had the original spindle. They were just straight cuts, nothing fancy, but it seemed like it was very porous. Wondering if this is a different brand than what I used.

It is a little porous it seems. Definitely not bad. Hard to get the detail in picture but I’ll try to take some closer shots tonight when I get off work.

This is what made me really look into expanded pvc. It seems like they’re all a variation of the same thing, but very machinable!

They seem to get a much better finish than I did. Of course I was greener than green when I cut mine, so I’m sure my feeds and speeds sucked. I have to admit that it never occurred to me to veneer it. The use of the v-bit to fold it I’ve heard about before. Kerfing it on the back to create fluid curves is pretty sweet. Good video, man!

Nice! I will be picking up some of this to try out.
I know a lot of prop builders use it because it is so light weight.
I am interested in it because it is waterproof / weather resistant.

It cuts like butter. I used 3mm to make paint racks to get all my bottles under control. You can put regular plumbing cement in a squeeze bottle and glue it up nice.


Where do you get big sheets like that? Just online? Or is there a certain spot in Lowes/Home Depot we should be looking?

i get mine at a local sign making supply store.

We use Sintra to do a lot of costume armor and prop making. It’s awesome stuff!

Komatex is another brand name. Made by a company called Kommerling.

yes, that is the brand I have available to me locally. It is the same as Sintra.

Here is the finished project:

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Now it makes total sense what you are doing with it! I’m a visual learner! lol

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