Size 12.5 wedding band in walnut "because I can"

So I was wondering how precise I could get my machine to cut circles here’s what I came up with , going to make so laminate pieces with copper sheet and acrylic with hardwood on the next go round fairly quick to make 8 mins total cut time…


Very nice indeed. How much shaping/sanding after the cut? Really beautiful!

About 10-15 minutes , I used one of those sponge sander block things 220 grit , doing some tests for strength I broke it , but I’ve done research and learned of a way to harden wood rings and polish them to mirror finish, I’m going to try this on the next one , it will also be a bit thicker…

It’s really nice. Let us know how hardening procedure works out. I’d be interested in trying one myself.

So here is round 2, thicker, stronger, sealed, polished. I made a smooth version and attempted a hammered look.

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It will be interesting to see how they hold up

I made some wood rings over a year ago, they are pretty quick to churn out on the cnc, but I don’t think they held up a month or so with normal wear and use. I think the walls on mine were too thin because with little force they cracked. Made mine from black walnut. Maybe I should have used an even harder wood. I was told by a commentor on Youtube that I could harden the wood fibers with super glue. Didn’t try that. I was going to sell them but with how easily it broke, I decided against it.

Walnut is a beautiful wood and a personal favorite, but in the world of hardwoods is not really all that hard and has a relatively course grain that splits fairly easily. Hard maple would in my opinion be much better suited as would many other more exotic hardwoods, such as purpleheart or padauk or cocobolo. There are many beautiful woods that may be better suited to making rings, that while expensive may not be cost prohibitive given the small amount of material used to make a ring or other pieces of jewelry.

I used thin ca glue to finish these. There pretty rigid yet have some give.

I own one made by bentwood jewelry on Etsy, and it has held up great so far (only been a few months), but they take thin veneers and wrap them around the mandrel, using CA glue to bind each layer in order to make them stronger, and then go through the shaping process. The wrapping of the veneers and the CA glue helps to make them pretty strong. Making them from solid wood exposes a lot of weaker grain, allowing them to break or crack easily.

I wanted to see if it would be possible to make one with cnc, the result is actually pretty strong I plan on wearing one too see how well it holds up. I have thought about making a liner out of brass or even some laminate slabs with copper and brass on the inside.

Use THIN CA glue from somewhere like WOODCRAFT. It penetrates the fibers better than standard CA/Super glue. However I think a brass or stainless steel liner would be good. You also might look at doing three Rings. Inner wood like walnut or iron wood, then a slighter larger brass ring, maybe 1 mm in thickness and then the outer ring of walnut or rosewood. Thin CA the two wooden rings first, then glue them to the brass ring. That should look great, and hold up well. IF each ring is 1mm you end up with a 3 mm ring. Remember that brass or copper will corrode and discolor your skin.