Size matters in some cases I guess 😂

When carving lettering what is your ideal size for best results? And your go to bit.

I’m still finding my feet and mainly testing (it’s easier to saying I’m testing than consistently failing) different ideas but never really satisfied with the end result.

I have a limited working capacity of 240mm by 180mm until I take the plunge on the x carve so currently can’t do big projects and have massive carving envy of you guys who are producing fab stuff.

My projects tab is loaded with different things I want to do and in the preview they look great but just doesn’t translate to the carve.

I’m testing a 60 degree v bit at the moment with varying success. Big letters no problem smaller letters the edges are wonky and looks hand carved at best. Pictures just look terrible as the bit is going way too deep. I set it to 2mm maybe even that is too much.

Hoping as most of you have no doubt been there and done that can steer me towards successful projects.

Also if there is a Black Friday this year with a decent deal available my x carve ownership could be brought forward to this year… $100 off or free international shipping (or both I’m not a proud man I’ll take charity) and we could be on to a winner.

What design software are you using?
Easel Pro?

The software you are using is more important than the bit. Vcarve can do very small lettering with a 60 deg vbit. (if the wood is flat and you do not get tear out. (maple or cherry cave best in my opinion)

Easel and easel pro.

The wood I’m using is always jointed and planes to be perfectly flat across its whole surface.

As I’m still practicing I’ve been using just any wood I have laying about and stuff I get through work that would otherwise be thrown away.