Size not correct

size of star does not match size we set, set a 3in star and it only cuts a 1/4in star. and the spindle raises way above the material and wont cut material. running out of brain power here

You probably need to adjust the settings for your axes. $100,$101, and$102.

Those $ settings are described here:

It is a ratio of what you want to what you are getting. You get intto the console in Easel by clicking on machine/ advanced/machine inspector.

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Here is a video on how to calibrate the XCarve

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Are you V-carving and most of the design is being air carved?
Share your project file?

Sounds like a recalibration of step/mm values are in order (as suggested by Martin and Phillip), another point for scaling issues are mismatched microstep setting on the drivers.
What controller do you use, pic of the controller board?