Size off by 1 1/4 ** new stepper motor**

Carving a box 4 inch tall by 14 inches long. On the “Y” dead on on the “X” its cutting it at 12 3/4 Why would it do that?

you need to calibrate your X axis stepper. Many guides on the site.

Yes bought from site.So should all be the same correct? Not sure how to check. Looking for a good guide now. having a hard time finding a “guide” finding more about talking about it not how to so much.

So, you will make an X cut. Lay a ruler or guide out along the X axis. Do an X cut in the air, for example 3inchs long. If your cut only moves 2 3/4 inchs, you need to go into your GRBL, do a $$, that will give you a list of your setup. Go to your $100, this is your x axis step distance. MAKE SURE to adjust based on your setup, either inches or mm. So, if you are a 1/4 inch short on your cuts,+.250 for inches or +6.35 for mm.

Example: These values are ONLY examples

$100=10 would change to $100=16.35 if mm

Thank you I well take a look

Here is a calibration program you can use. Zero you X axis and input that as your X start in the program, move a known length and input your end position