*sizes for carving

may someone kindly tell/show me where do i enter the size of my material, size of the shape or text and position it on the material.

what king of milling bits were used on this carving?

Most Likely this is a Text built SVG made in Photoshop or Inkscape sized to fit on a x" x y" plaque then import into Easle or Vcarve and text was done using a V Bit, the shape was possibly an SVG as well, most likely the routed edge was done after.

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@PhilJohnson I was reading your post about needing F Engrave to do the letters. I am a newbie at this and in the learning stages. Can Easel not make the lettering? I see that you can add text in Easel but wondering the difference where F Engrave is needed? Thank you for your time!

did you also get the collet adapter for the 1/8" shank bits?
are you using dewalt 611?

which one here for the dewalt 611?

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phil aka x-carve answer man, hope you dont mind me calling you name i.e. take it as a compliment.
my next question is the same as the previous ones i asked i just want to make sure; kindly walk me through the set-up
on easel once again.

easel-1 ---- material dimensions=would be the material measurements; what do i need to enter under cut the depth of the carve. why is it even i entered my depth it carved deeper than what i programmed?

easel-2 ---- what do i enter for the x and y position? for the size that would be the size of my carve?

phil, i would surely appreciate when all my inquiries here be answered. i hope you dont mind my Q and A with you.

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phil, kindly look again at my settings and analyze the results on the picture.



result- i used a 1/8" ball nose end bit on this.
what caused the chip between G and e & L and i? you think if i use a 20deg. v-bit this wouldnt happen?

im saving your answers for my notes.
btw i have the v-carve pro software and been watching the videos.
so, it is best to use v-bit for letters/text then. ill be ordering the 10deg & 20deg v-bits on amazon as well as the 1/8" collet for dewalt 611 from elaire. kindly show more of your carvings here.
what is the 1/8" ball nose end bit good for?

im here in so.cal. inland empire and i’m originally from manila philippines.
whats your location there, phil?

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Get yourself a good 60 degree vbit, For most text it will be tool you use most.

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they all look marvelous. did you use x-carve to cut the round face clock? what bit did you use?
where did you get that attachment for the vacuum?
are these bits any good?


are these also good?


*kindly show me step by step how you did the nicole wagner carving; the bit and settings you used.
also the daniel logo carving i already have the vbits(pointed vbits and the 60 & 90 vbits) and the 1/32 & 1/16 ball end bits.

whats wrong with my settings in this picture? ill be using a 1/16 ball end bit. what must i do to fill in all gray areas with blue?

here’s the 1st one i did before the picture above this.