Sizing issue and other questions

I am new to this. I bought a DIY 1610 kit so I can inexpensively test my interest. I finally got the thing working and the x and y axis’s seem to be moving about 10% of what they are supposed to. The Z axis seems to be going to correct depth. Any thoughts?

Also, I have some round stock I plan on using for a future project. I do not see where I can change the shape of the stock.

Thank you,


You need to calibrate your step/mm values for X/Y, GRBL parameter $100 (X) and $101 (Y)

Thank you for input. Will get done this week and let you know how it works

BTW - when fine tuning the X/Y you need to be aware of the backlash component.

To test, drive for instance X all the way to the right:

  • Measure one jog of 2" to the left, then measure another 2" step in the same direction.
    You’ll notice that the first jog in the opposite direction will be less than the next ones, this is because there is some slack in the system the first step in the opposite direction need to take up. This is backlash.

So when you want to tune the step/mm precicely you need to be aware of backlash and what cause it, so you dont use moves with large backlash component mixed in.’


  • Jog X all the way to the right, make a small left jog (say 1/2") then do a single, long jog further to the left (as long as the machine allow) This will be your best data for recalculation.

CurrentGRBLValue / CommandedTravel * ActualTravel = new GRBL parameter (IIRC the formulae correctly :wink: )