Sizing issue

I’ll start off by saying this, I’m new to this whole thing and am still learning so please bare with me.

So I bought the wife a 3018 CNC from Amazon… yes I know… But it looked like it would fit our small operation.

I got it working with the laser head it came with without to much issue using GRBL.
But when I attached the milling head and started using Easel my projects are coming out 1/2 of the size.
On the program it shows 150 mm x 150 mm (the current project is a base board for a basket, 150mm circle with holes around the edge) the mill is working well but when the project is done, it is 75mm. Is this something I need to change in GRBL as a value that will transition over to Easel?

Most likely, you changed your steps/mm settings by running the machine setup.
If that’s what happened, double your values for $100 & $101.

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