Sizing of engraving on the work piece

Good Day

I have been trying to engrave my name on a pece of pine.

The overall size of the timber is 120mm x 45mm x 8mm. I have 2 pieces of timber this size.

I am firstly trying to engrave into the wood my name in a box 25 mm High x 100mm long.

In easel I select soft Maple as pine is not an option, I then insert the Material size 120mm x 45mm x 8mm. Insert text to fit the work area and draw a box around it using the Pen tool.

I then set all the cut depths and generate the Gcode, and open it up in Candel version 1.0.10

I then send it for engraving

the size of the outside box is engraved 38mm x 9mm and no text, the size of the engraving should be 25mm x 100mm.

Please guide me to resolving this.

Many thanks

I don’t know anything about the gcode or Candle, however I do know what I would do in Easel to get the results I want. First I would use the shapes option as opposed to the line draw, that is if I wanted a specific shape. That way you can get the size you need by adjusting the height and width from the shape box. Then you probably need to adjust that box cut depth and then right click your mouse and choose to send it to back. Move your text to your shape and right click on that and choose to send to front. Unless your depth for the text is deeper than the shape, then it would be the other way around I believe. Use the simulation to see how it will carve before you hit the go button. Hope this helps.

@RodMacdonald thank you very much I will give this a try :slightly_smiling_face:

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