Sketchup Make vs Pro

I have been using Sketchup to create my models. Does anyone here use Sketchup Pro? I am using the free version. Do I need anything more? What other features does it have? The web site doesn’t seem to specify.

I’ve used both and honestly I didn’t even notice much difference. I think you’re good to go with the free version.

But did you make that spider in sketchupp???

Yes. It took a while, but I did it. Then my friend said he wanted a negative, and it took me hours more to clean up the underside.

that’s pretty nuts.

But all I can think about is what awesome stuff you could come up with if you spend that time using proper modeling software.

Pro has more non modeling stuff. Like different lay outs and making cut lists. Stuff like that.

How do you guys get a sketchup model over to gcode? Whats your workflow?

I use Meshcam. I have an add-on in Sketchup that converts it to STL, then Meshcam converts to g-code.

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