Sketchup models for X-Carve?

Are there any Sketchup models for the 500mm X-Carve floating around?

I have a few things I want to design, like a dust collection attachment, and having a dimensionally accurate model would save me a lot of time.

i believe that inventables have made all cad models available for download, just cant remember where. I was looking at them a couple of weeks ago to try to better understand how a the cnc worked ( i am a cnc beginner) and was looking at all their files, they had everything up for viewing and downloading.

this is where you can find the files to the machine, they have the 500mm version there, just dont know how updated it is, so you may be looking at something that could have minor to major modifications in certain areas

We have the latest version and the revision history at the GrabCAD link above.

Awesome, thanks so much! Looks like that will work perfectly for what I want to do.