Skewed image

how do i make a skewed image
in easel

When you add an image, all you have to do is click on it and then drag the sizing-box, or you can change the size of the Width/Height dimensions.


Brandon Parker

if Ihave a square, can I skew it ?

If you mean make it a rhombus or parallelogram, sure. Although, technically a square is a rhombus… :grinning:

You just have to edit the points that make up the square. Simply do the following to enter “Edit Points Mode”

  1. Select the square
  2. Press “E” on your keyboard, double-click the square, or hit “Edit points” on the object pane
  3. This will allow you to select the individual points that the object is made up of and move as you see fit.

Note that “Snap-to-Grid” is automatically on, but you can disable it by holding down Alt while moving a selected point. There is no positional data displayed for the point in Easel at this time, so “Snap-to-Grid” can be useful for “exact” positioning on the grid.
You can also change the type of point: Curved or Straight.

Here is a square that I turned into a parallelogram in this way. This is not a rhombus because the sides are not all of equal length…


Brandon Parker

@Ben-Saks, Sounds like I need to write an app to do this.

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please do

Still some testing to do, but here is what it might look like.


@KristianAng did any of these response answer your question adequately?

Hey Ethan, that was super fast on the app draft. Thanks for working on that. Send it my way for review.

Sent you a PM. Thanks!

no not realy

Would you be willing to do a video chat and screen share? It might be faster than going back and forth on the forum.