Skimming Wasteboard

Couldn’t find an answer to this question so I started a new topic. I have a 1000 X 1000 X-carve and just upgraded the wasteboard to the sectional one. I want to skim the board(didn’t do it on the original one) but after looking at Inventables suggestion for this I am wondering what happens if the area to be skimmed in Easel is larger than the X-Y limits. In other words do I need to set the rectangular area within the limits of the stops? If so, how do I do that? Run the machine to its limits and measure or will the machine continue after it reaches the stops? Thanks for any help-I know it’s a basic question. I’ve had the machine for 4 years but have never skimmed before as I mentioned above.

This is called “surfacing” the wasteboard which knowing that term may aid in your search efforts on the topic…

The rectangle needs to be within the work area of the machine, you can jog the machine and check the DRO to detrmine what this area is. And there WILL be a lip on the left and right sides, but not the front/back…

Thanks I figured out It wasn’t more than I thought. I was just confused as the file for surfacing the board in the Inventables instruction, outlined a rectangle that was MUCH larger than the working area of the machine.

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