Slam into the top of Z axis, is it a problem?

Running a job though Chilipepr today (my first day trying it). Running nice and fine and suddenly it starts running the Z axis up and slams into the top of the Z axis.

I didn’t get there quite in time but killed power a couple of seconds afterwards and the axis relaxed and could wind it down by hand. Any long term health issues with this?

(I was running a laser so there were no Z commands at all in the gcode)

You should be fine. I’d double check the hardware to make sure nothing got loosened up due to the brief extra stress, but I’ve crashed every axis of my machine into every physical stop available at one time or another with no lasting effects. As long as nothing is actually physically broken and all of the electronics are still responding, your machine should keep trucking along as if nothing ever happened. :slight_smile:

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I think it is more traumatic for the person watching than the machine.

A few weeks after I got my original SO2 I tried to jog the unpowered bit about a half inch into a piece of pine. After I wound it back up all was fine.

Thank you both. :slight_smile:

It’s working fine this morning but still not sure what caused it.

Could have just been electrical noise in the wiring.
Might make sure you do not have anything like a shop vac running on the same plug strip or to close to fluorescent lights etc.