Slight oversized Y rails?

Hello! I am in the last step of the wasteboard installation:

And my Y rails are about 1.5 mm longer than what it should be. It is this normal?

Yes both, but if I attach the rail to the wasteboard there is a tiny gap… and it is going to bend that metallic part:

I could add washers but I wonder if this is normal. Because the other option is to loosen the wasteboard aluminium rails and put a gap here:

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thanks but it is this normal? :confused:

bummer, thanks Phil for the answer.

All the other steps and parts where superb, perfectly cut, no missing parts, etc until this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I don’t have the tools to do that.

I am going to 3d print a gap filler, plus some caps for the aluminium extrusions :smiley:

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Get an Ultimaker :wink:

I have a makerbot and a prusa, and the prusa sent me looking for an xcarve to fix things

I am also planning to make the psu cover similar for the one I modded for the prusa

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It worked really well! no gap! all very firm :slight_smile:


I’m having the same issue. The gap is wide enough that the screws won’t catch on t slot nuts. I’d hate to have to pull this thing apart after it’s all squared up.

i cut mine down to the correct size. Chop-saw nice and slow.

I used your method to square mine and put the board on last. The hardest part was more the t-nuts so I switched them to the drop in kind and it made it super easy. I have about 1000 of these drop in hammer head t nuts and it made it a breeze. I use these almost exclusively now (altough the normal non drop ins do have their place).


Those were the same drop ins I was eyeing on prime to use for my aluminum angle bracket braces for the Y axis. Glad to know they will work

They work well, I ended up ordering 1000 of them when I was working on my printer. I use them 99% of the time. Surprised they aren’t vastly used with how useful they are. I cringe a little when I read a post where someone forgot a tnut and spends an hour taking stuff apart lol.

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Yeah, I’ve got a few of the pre-assembly nuts but there is no way I’m taking things apart to add the Y supports lol

We sell post assembly nuts too.

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